Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is winter over yet?

Winter is tough! We don't have an indoor or really many places with even good footing. So I am trying to find exercises to keep Bucky in shape and also mentally stimulated. So far we have settled for yielding from pressure work on halter and from the ground, he can do a nice turn on the haunches and turn on the forehand!
I get on him about once a week when the weather allows and work on walk-halt-walk transitions and bending. Thats about it . . . I'm thinking about trailering him to an indoor to see how he is . . .should be fun!
In the meantime Sassy is a little pest, chasing our old mare around and jumping over the divider between paddocks(yes she jumps about 3" without any problems . . . ) when I try to put her in with Bucky. She is slowly adjusting to life with Bucky.
I love watching Bucky do quick turns and sliding stops as he plays in the paddock, he has such amazing athleticism and potential. I can't wait for spring!