Monday, July 6, 2009

Poor Bucky!

He doesn't really look like a lame horse , does he? Unfortunately Bucky has an upward fixating patella, so he is not classically "lame", but every once in a while his stifle goes "pop" and out goes his knee, causing him to stumble. Poor fella! Having been through this before with another horse, I know I need to get Bucky in better shape. Building up those gluteal muscles are what he needs to hold the stifle in place.

The challenge becomes maintaining his confidence and willingness to work while getting him in shape despite the random instability in his gait from the locking stifle. Poor Bucky has started counter cantering in the lame direction and reluctant to pick up the trot that direction as well!

Up-hill work, cavalettis and trotting are all helpful, so hopefully we'll have some good weather to keep up his exercise schedule. I am hoping we can resolve this with exercise since it is not too severe. Wish us luck!
If you want to see his patella lock, there is a video here: