Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trail riding fun!

So we have had a busy fall, getting Bucky out and about on the trails. His stifle seems much better on the straightaways and trails rather than doing circles in the ring. And he has fun! After a few more local rides with friends we did a few organized trail rides this fall . . .

We ventured off to North Brookfield, MA for the Sportman's Club fall ride . . . we had fun with all our VT Morgan friends and completed the 8 mile ride and all the obstacles.

Bucky was fantastic, calm and brave, he even was the leader at times! We went through rivers and over logs, up hills and through mud . . . (thats Bucky up front)

Next we ventured off with best friend Ali and borrowed horse Flash to a 4-H trail ride in Lyndeborough, NH after finding our way there we had a great ride on the "the boys". Riding a BUCKskin we had to make sure we would not be mistaken for a deer, that silly scarf sure does the trick!

Flash is an experienced trail horse and set a great example for Bucky to follow . . . there was more riding on the road on this ride so Bucky got used to all kinds of traffic. The train tracks gave both horses pause though!

Checking our directions . . . hoping for a few more good rides before winter!