Saturday, May 23, 2009

First trail ride . . .

Photo by Cody Jeffers
We headed off for Bucky's first trail ride today. A benefit ride for a local rescue Animal Aid Inc. It was a beautiful day for it and he loaded right in the trailer and off we went to Crystal Gait Horses in Townshend to enjoy a 5 mile ride or hike depending on how Bucky was doing.

I saddled him up, but left his halter on so I could start out leading him. I was lucky enough to find a nice group of friends who let me tag along behind them, so we could walk at our own pace. Bucky was great, he started off a little snorty and prancing, but quickly settled down. After about 20 minutes he acclimated to the woods and other horses and was walking quietly, so I decided to ride him. He was great!

For the most part he was a very brave boy, even leading the way part of the ride, up and down hills, and through trees, but the deep mud was a little intimidating, so we let Andrea lead the way with a Mountain horse mare through the muddy sections and he would follow right along.

The things we so often take for granted, tying, trailering, and standing patiently . . . Bucky has learned well. He was very good and we are looking forward to more trail rides together.

Happy to be home!