Sunday, September 5, 2010

June 2010 - Buckskin Adventures!

We found some great riding buddies and headed out for new trail riding adventures this summer.

In June, we met up with Angie & Doc (another buckskin) to explore the local trails. We had a great time riding at the Springfield Reservoir, what gorgeous trails and a big river to cool off in.

Our first time out I took Bucky, although younger & green, he is still the "more experienced" trail horse of my two. So we set out to explore the trails at Springfield with our fearless leader Doc. After a few initial spooks at big scary rocks, Buck settled right in and was a great little trail pony.

Seeing double? Doc is a buckskin Paint who looks like he could be Bucky's twin. The two boys got along very well and are great trail buddies.

For our next adventure I took a different buckskin trail riding in Putney to explore the trails of the Putney School and surrounding area. Angie & Doc were again great leaders for Haley & I to follow. Haley was a trooper, but small streams definitely gave us pause.

Haley did this big hill without any complaints and we even cantered up it on the way home. Haley is well on her way to being a fabulous trail horse too!

Buckskin butts headed home! Unfortunately our riding buddy Angie was in a riding accident and won't be riding for a while - we miss you Angie, heal quickly!

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